Year Two

​With the help of Spineless Studios we've been able to compile two info-graphics that show how many different beverages were poured from our 40 taps in our first two years of business.  Each diagram shows the different beverages: beers, ciders, sodas, kombuchas, and coffees, what state they were brewed in, who made them, their style, and ABV!

You'll find both our 2014 and 2015 info-graphics below. We know that is a lot of information to take in at once but all it takes is a glance at the wheels below to realize Spineless Studios was able to pull it all together in a really cool way for us that you can easily and quickly understand.  

We could talk for days pointing out the cool additions since last year or the detail that goes into a project like this but we will leave that for you and your exploring!  We do think it's VERY noteworthy how much more Georgia was able to provide in 2015.  We are extremely proud of Georgia's brewing culture and community and do our best to support it in every way.  We are also excited to watch the local portion of this pie continue to grow more and more for years to come.  Thanks for looking and enjoy!​

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